Whadda ya reckon?

So tonight at my other writing group (output only) I managed to write 1000 words. Most of it is terribly assembled and poorly established words, oh God it looks terrible!

Here’s an example…

“Hold tight!” yelled Handi.

And all outside lost focus, blurred in a common astigmatism as if the being itself was a shockwave approaching, a leviathan growing ever monstrous consuming the view of the observation wall entire.

Dragan did not move, awed as if a deer in headlights. “My God!”

And at just the moment when they expected the blunt force of the creature…


Anyway. Some of it is nice and will likely stay. Some of it I knew was going to be cut when I wrote it.

But I’ve got the raw guts of another chapter there, and I’m pretty happy with the guts.

Is that a win?

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