Welp, here we go!

I’ve decided to nick someone else’s idea / be a bit brash / be a bit stupid, and release my novel in monthly instalments online for free ala Andy Weir (The Martian).

Part of the reasoning is to give me solid deadlines to work towards for releasing content and push me to keep going forward instead of going back. This also gives me an opportunity to edit and fine tune my work and ensure the story is going where it feels right.

The other part is to hopefully build an audience who is interested in the story, and in some ways hopefully get some beta readers, or people who might point out little problems here and there without me having to approach individual people and say, “Hey do you have a spare few hours to read my stuff and tell me what’s wrong with it?” Especially as some of the work includes comments on physics and places I’ve never been to (largely Russia).

If you read and think I’ve got something way wrong, please let me know!

In regards to my previous posts and those who have been following my progress, I have decided to re-write my novel from scratch. Since late December 2017 I have been writing the novel again but with the experience of over a year and a half of having this thing in my mind and (to me) developing some idea of what is working and what is not.

I have finished two chapters and am onto my third, but for now I am publishing the first chapter while for the rest of February and part of March I will edit Chapter 2 and push through to get Chapter 3 done for April.

In order to facilitate releasing these chapters, I have added a page up at the top entitled ‘Statues of Angels’ which is the working title of the book. Click on that link and you will be able to see all of the chapters in a list as they are released. If you click on them, you will then via PDF be able to read what I have written.

I’m pretty happy with the working title, but always envisioned the book having two titles ala Moby Dick (The Whale), Blood Meridian (The Evening Redness in the West), etc.

If you have read this far, the current working titles (and I wouldn’t mind if you told me which one(s) you preferred) are:

  • Statues of Angels
  • Children of Atlantis
  • The World Will Miss None of Us
  • The Journey
  • A Vault of Stars

Anyway, please check it out, and I hope you enjoy it, and for now it’s back to writing for me!

Statues of Angels – Chapter 1

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