Chapter 4 is online!!!

I’ve realised, simply uploading my chapters and linking them on social media does little for you awesome people who have actually subscribed to my blog.

So FYI, Chapter Four is now up on the Statues of Angels page or on the following link:

Statues of Angels – Chapter 4

This chapter was definitely the hardest to write, and I think is the most emotional so far, so I would love to know what you think! Did it work? Does it make sense? You tell me :O

On a different note: One daunting aspect of this chapter being done is, for the first time since re-writing and releasing the novel online, I don’t have anything else ready or lined up for Chapter 5. Argh! Eek!

BUT! I generally have an idea of what happens next so I guess I should just get down to it and get to writing!

Hi-jinks may ensue!

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