Quick blog post.

I’m writing away and around for my Fifth chapter, and whilst I know what I need to say and where it’s going, I’ve found you really need to know / have a fairly good idea of what your characters want, otherwise it’s a right pain in the arse.

I’m writing a guy at the moment and I know I don’t really “have him down,” yet. Trying to write him is like having an argument with myself in my own head, whilst also trying to work out how to put what should be written into words.

He’s going here // No he’s not. It smells like this // No it doesn’t. He wants this // Why? // That’s a complicates question. He’s thinking this // Wait, that isn’t consistent with the other stuff you’ve written. Arghhh

BUT, you have to write through these things. Just keep writing and writing until it starts to not seem so bad.

So here goes!


Hi from Tasmania!

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