Hrmmm continued

And sometimes it happens just like that. The part you were having trouble with seems to fix itself (though that is not really the case).

As I said, you’ve got to write through / around your problems. And with the part I was having trouble with, I must have re-written it (1000 words at a time) around three times. It just didn’t look right, feel right etc. It felt like the scene was treading water, there were a lot of words and nothing much happening.

So what I decided to do just yesterday was try and re-write the scene as if I was the main character and telling a friend about it. I only wrote two paragraphs (maybe a few hundred words or so) and it was like it felt right, good pacing.

I then re-wrote the paragraphs in the close third person needed for the bit and edited in some of the stuff I liked that I had already written and now it’s well paced and feels right and I’m pretty happy!

But it also couldn’t have happened without having have written this scene a few times before around a year ago and now re-writing the scene several times now; as a lot of little subtle things have stayed and made it what it is now; and I have a good sense of location and what is supposed to happen here, which once I’ve got that “voice” down, makes it a bit easier to pull it all together.

E.g. I know where they’re walking, what they’re seeing, how it feels; as I’ve written it from so many different angles before.


So yeah, have an awesome day \m/

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