Chapter 10 update… still going

So I’m late on my deadline again. But HEY it’s ok this time. I think I’ve finally found my mojo again and it’s coming together.

Presently I’ve got almost 3.5k polished words. There’s a burn file with over 5k words in it. Which I’m happy about because I’m getting at least stuff down. And you can’t get any good stuff without writing out the bad stuff first. It just sucks going through that process. (Why can’t it be easier arghhhhhh?)

Other news which has been awesome is that without realising it, I’ve discovered I’m on the home stretch of my novel. The book will be 18 chapters: 6 in part 1, 9 in part 2 and 3 in part 3. As you may or may not know, part 2 is each chapter focusing on a narrative. I.e one chapter Jean, one chapter Leonid, one chapter The Martyr. Which means that with this being Chapter 10 – Jean’s chapter – that leaves only one more chapter for her after this before the final act / final chapters and only two more chapters for the other characters before I have to start “ending” the book.

Which is exciting because I’m no longer treading water. I have things I need to accomplish, plot points that need to happen and there are almost too many. The hard part is writing them down in a way that is not boring and progresses things along towards the conclusion. Stupid writing… (I’m sorry writing I love you).

In any case, hopefully the chapter will be done in a week – I’m thinking – let’s see!


From the last post, I think I’ve realised what I wanted to say about Jean or that chapter. The solution was to write and write and write and think about the writing A LOT and delete a lot of the writing and then SLOW THE FUCK DOWN BRAIN, let the scene develop and try and really imagine what your character might be thinking in that moment and how that feeds into the next moment. Don’t think, feel. What does she want? And I think it’s working!

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