Long Haul

Whelp. Chapter Eleven is finally done (for now…). I’ll throw a link below. Yay!

As no doubt is obvious, writing the middle of the book has been proving quite difficult. This is not only made more difficult by me still working out somewhat of a rhythm to do my best writing in. But in determining what I am writing about.

I’m not sure if it’s just that I have not previously written and re-written these parts which is making them difficult (chapters 1-7 or so were largely already known about and drafted previously in at least five forms), or if it is that I now have somewhat a rigid idea of how this is going to end and what I need to say before it does.

It could be that I am trying to fit new concepts into my writing whilst not ruining the continuity of what I have already written. For example, I have been thinking of changing the economic structure of the Russia setting of the novel. I have also been thinking about making Handi Russian instead of Indo-Australian – but I won’t do that until Draft Two. I have also been thinking about ditching the Song title references in the chapter heading and breaks.

It could be that I am getting better and holding myself to a higher standard. Maybe… I don’t know. It’s been really hard getting the chapter out. I would like to think I’m back to a chapter a month, and I have still got my own deadlines, but let’s see.


This month’s draft, I have added speech marks to the dialogue and have experimented with adding brackets for Leonid’s thoughts about / to his wife.

You could think maybe that I have shattered an expectation as to the reality of what has happened to his wife with what I have done in progressing Leonid’s story. But I don’t know, I dig it, and it seems like it flows and is consistent.

Check it out maybe, and let me know what you think.

Rock on!

Statues of Angels – Chapter 11

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