Woah / Chapter 6!!!

Hopefully this ^ is somewhat how people will feel after reading the latest chapter of my novel.

The readership has stayed reasonably steady for the past few months, so thank you everyone who has stuck with me!!!

Chapter 6 is online and concludes the first act of my novel. It’s into the meat of the book now, bring it on!

Things I’ve realised writing this chapter:

  • As I write on my phone I often miss the proper use of its / it’s as it sometimes autocorrects when it shouldn’t or doesn’t when it should.
  • Writing an action scene / killing a character is really really fucking hard
  • I’m starting to get a bit silly with my use of punctuation. And I’m not sure how to go back just yet, haha!
  • I need music on whilst I write: generally post-rock or drone or ambient music.
  • Chapter 5 could have done with a bit more work in regards to what happens plot wise.
  • My friends are awesome!

Anyway. I’m at writing group tonight in the city so I should get stuck back in. No rest for the wicked!!

In case you might want to jump straight over, here is the link to Chapter 6:

Statues of Angels – Chapter 6

Rock on!!!

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